07 11 / 2011

I recall the time it never rained,
not a single pour on my teacup.
21st of January, 2009,
under a small sturdy Nipa hut,
we were talking about our future,
constellations and voodoo dolls.
Lust, cochlea, paradigms, Jesus,
Bumble bees, cataracts and silent farts.

Now three years after, here we are,
lying on our death beds wishing we could turn back time
and just turn on the mimeograph..

Duplicate our lives for back up.

28 9 / 2011


I tie a yellow ribbon around the loose grip
As I see you slowly drifting farther than my reach
No more pocketful of wedding.

It’s time for you to sing.


27 9 / 2011

"Gathering hues of blue
incinerating my memories of you
ashes from sun, love lost then gone."

07 9 / 2011

Friends and foes

All but fools

Trying to salve

Their hidden wounds

I am here, oh so inlove

But I just don’t know what to do.

November mood, november mood.

23 8 / 2011

She’s bearing your son and I bear the pain of yours and mine.

23 8 / 2011

5 peeping voices

Irritation spread

1 pig-like shriek

Concentration lost

Millions of brain cells


Thank you for the noise.